CURIOSITIES – Poduszki Dekoracyjne Maja Laptos


Curiosities Collection has been inspired by Cabinets of Curiosities dating back to the 18th-century.
The first, most-famous Cabinets of Curiosities, from Holland, contained various objects: pieces of roots of exotic plants brought back from voyages by sailors, animal bones, leaves and herbs, shells, corals as well as compasses, dishes and tools.  Later, the collectors focused on plants and animals.

My dream was to create a collection for adventurous interior lovers, open to bold and quirky designs, not often seen in interior design Hence, the Curiosities Collection comprises unique and surprising designs such as an intricate anatomical human heart and brain.  Then there is a skull with a crown based on a vintage illustration or an image of an old-time barber’s hands with perfume, which create an unexpected and intriguing accent.’